Here’s 20 Google Tricks You May Not Know: (Not All Of Them at Least)

    Calorie checker, How to make better decisions about tonights menu. (NTDTV)Type in Zerg rush, have some fun and waste some time. (NTDTV)Check weather all around the world using Google. (NTDTV)Type in Calculate correct tip when dining out using google. (NTDTV)Google your flight status. (NTDTV)Enter Google let's you know when your favorite TV show is on. (NTDTV)Google tells you the release date of a coming movie (NTDTV)Ask Google for the current movies playing in your city's cinemas. (NTDTV)Google tells you who founded a company you're interested in. (NTDTV)It gives you songs by the artist you type in. (NTDTV)Type in Atari Breakout to enjoy the game. (NTDTV)Google does conversion for you. (NTDTV)Let google do a quick translation when needed. (NTDTV)Enter recursion and it'll get stuck in this loop. (NTDTV)Find all books by your favorite author on Google. (NTDTV)Tired of typing? Try google vocal search. (NTDTV)Use Google to set a timer (NTDTV)Google can tell you sunrise and sunset time worldwide. (NTDTV)

    Think you’re a Google expert? Take our quiz. How many of these tricks did you know about? (I was at 15)

    If you knew them all, comment below and we’ll give you a prize.*



    ***Prizes from Vision Times may or may not be real. We’re working out what works best for promotion.

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