If Doomsday Comes Will You Be Prepared? These Folk Will Be

Extreme weather. Social unrest. Terrorist attack. A global epidemic. Many Americans say any of these scenarios could turn society upside down.

“I feel there is something coming,” says one person interviewed in this Sky News report above about how increasing numbers of Americans are preparing for the collapse of society.

Known as preppers, they live both in the burbs and rural areas and they’re no small number. It’s a growing phenomenon supported by its own industry – called by the above report as the ‘Doom Boom’.

So why are many Americans preparing for the end of the world?

“America has a bunch of spoiled people in it, and when you take that away from them they’re going to throw a fit and they’re going come after the people who are prepared – like myself and my friends and other preppers,” says Braxton Southwick a prepper interviewed in the report.

“So every prepper has a way to protect themselves, every one of them because they know what is going to happen”.

The Southwicks are an American family who are prepared to survive the collapse of society. (YouTube)

The Southwicks are an American family who are prepared to survive the collapse of society. (YouTube)

Braxton’s has trained his family in weapon use and they’ve stocked their basement with food for six months.

“The whole country will turn into a school yard again with bullies and those bullies are going to be taking every resource they can. It’s the reality of our world,” he said.

When asked by the reporter did he honestly think that is going to happen in his lifetime Braxton says:

“I pray to God it doesn’t but I think it is.”

See the above video for more about preppers and how a former missile silo has been turned into a luxury refuge for millionaires to wait out doomsday.

And what about you, do you think the end is nigh?

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