Cash Claw: Your Annual Bonus Depends on Your Hand Size

    Happy smile and a pile of money on the tray. (Image: glass boxes full of cash. (Image: the cash. (Image:

    Some girls complain that big hands aren’t pretty, but this is definitely one time you’d be glad to have big hands!

    A Weibo blogger posted these photos of a company’s annual party, showing two glass boxes full of cash for employees to grab as much as they could in one go.

    According to the poster, it was the annual party of a face mask company in Wenzhou. The generous boss putĀ 800, 000 yuan (about $130,000) in the glass boxes, and every outstanding employee was given one chance to grab as much as they could! The biggest “claw” was 20,000 yuan ( about $3,211).

    The images were forwarded about 10,000 times, and many people made envious comments. Here are three of them…

    Weibo user “Mogu”:

    What’s the name of the company? I will submit my resume immediately!

    User “Strawberry”:

    Just decided to drop out of school. One question now: What’s the quickest way to Wenzhou?

    User “Cyn”:

    Grabbing a basketball with one hand isn’t only useful on the playing field.

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