Even Cartoons Joking About Taxes Get Censored in China

A censored cartoon about taxes in China. (HKU)
A censored cartoon about taxes in China. (HKU)

This cartoon was recently deleted on Sina Weibo, China’s most popular social media network.

It shows a character busy paying all sorts of taxes from his pocket which says “tax reform” on it. The words next to his hands refer to the specific kinds of taxes.

The censored caption says:

“With a monthly income of $10,000, you have to pay 14% tax, 12% provident fund, 8% retirement insurance, and 4% medical insurance. These cost $3,800. Assuming you spend the rest, you still need to pay 17% value added tax, and 28% on all sorts of other taxes. These cost another $2,800.

“So for every $10,000 you earn, you have to pay $6,600 to the government

Yet you can’t ask or find out anything because nothing is open, and everything is confidential.

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