Mom Covers Boobs So Her Adult Son Won’t See, Now She’s Protecting Us All

    Mom covers a boob scene for her adult son during a family movie. Good job mom. (Reddit)Marilyn Monroe-OH, we don't need to see that darling. (Reddit)No Kim, we don't need to see that. (Screenshot/Youtube)The other Kim also needs censoring from The Interview. Censor Mom can take care of that with her towel, no need for anonymous hackers. (Reddit)Censor Mom protecting us all from communist tanks headed for student protestors on China's Tianenmen Square, the tank man had been there since 1989, she can take if from here. (Reddit)James Bond chick snuck out of the house looking like that? For shame. (Reddit)Finally, after a hard days work censoring, she censors herself. (Reddit)Thank-you Venus de Milo, but we don't need to see that. (Reddit)

    A 22-year-old man just posted this photo of his mother censoring a booby scene during a family movie night over the holidays. Yeah, his mom still does that, and we love it.

    Enter the Reddit photoshop battle-ers, and we have ourselves a new superhero “Censor Mom,” saving our innocent minds from one inappropriate thing at a time, with a bath towel.

    Super hero Censor Mom’s catch phrase? “What’s been seen cannot be unseen!”

    No Kim, we don't need to see that. (Screenshot/Youtube)

    No Kim, we don’t need to see that. Censor Mom un-breaking the internet. (Reddit)

    Note: Despite Censor Mom trying her best to cover up Miley Cyrus, it still wasn’t enough safety for this article. What’s been seen cannot be unseen.


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