This Has to Be the Coolest Skateboard in Existence

Tree bark skateboard
With this tree bark skateboard, you'll have the craziest skateboard ever. (Image:

Talk about a rough ride. I guess it only looks rough. A skateboard like this only looks different. It would probably feel like a regular skateboard to ride if it doesn’t fall apart first.

The artist is “Mr. Plant” Christophe Guinet. He crafts many works of art based on flowers, trees, and plant life. He tends to combine street art culture with plant life culture in his works.

When he’s not out working on his own art, Mr. Guinet is busy running his art gallery in Marseille, France.

I don’t know if this is a skateboard someone will actually end up riding. In normal skateboards the wood is layered to reinforce its strength. A deck like this might fall apart unless there is some other method of reinforcement in use.


Groot, the infamous Mr. Plant Man himself. (Image: “Guardians of the Galaxy Groot movie poster” by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures)

A skateboard that Groot can really wrap his roots around.

But if your name is Groot then you’ll feel right at home on something like this. This is the perfect thing for skating in nature or through the forest, or your own natural habitat.

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