Why Does This Man Think His Best Friend Is Better Than Most Guide Dogs? (Photos)

    Bo and his trusted friend take a break at work. (Image: 163.com)Amazingly the dog pushes Bo in his homemade wheelchair. (Image: 163.com)Bo's four-legged friend helps him to get to work which takes more than an hour, and much of the journey is uphill. (Image: 163.com)

    There’s no end to the ways dogs can help people…

    Paraplegic Bo Laoma lives in Henan Province where he works as a shoe repairman.

    He uses a homemade wheelchair to get around, but his journey to work takes more than an hour, and it’s uphill most of the way.

    Wherever Bo goes, he’s accompanied by his dog, and amazingly the dog actually pushes Bo in his wheelchair.

    Bo told 163.com that he’s seen plenty of guide dogs on television, but he thinks his four-legged friend is more helpful than them.

    China seems to have plenty of smart canines, like Duo Duo who “reported his owner lost” at a police station in Suzhou, and this one in Nanjing that takes his owner for a run on an electric scooter.

    There’s even a dog that does tricks on top of his owner’s head

    Perhaps the pressure is on for dogs to be extra-useful in China so as not to end up in the cooking pot!

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