The 7 Most Popular Chinese Words for 2014

The Chinese mono-syllabic characters. (Dennis Wong/Flickr)
The Chinese mono-syllabic characters. (Dennis Wong/Flickr)

Over time, certain words remain in your mind and heart, and sometimes you can’t get rid of them as life goes on. The word resonates with how you feel.

Tencent News recently did a survey of the most thought-of words in China this year:

1. Tired (Lei 累)

About 22,000 bloggers voted for this, saying they’re tired of going to work by bus, train, or bike. Physical tiredness, and mental or emotional tiredness are tiredness from the heart.

One netizen said: “Tiredness is what I’ve been experiencing. As I reach middle age, I should’ve reached my target, but I feel even I have the heart to do it, my physical body is limiting me.”

2. Home (Jia 家)

Over 21,000 people voted for this word: East, West, home is best. To many people, especially those working away from home, they long for home-cooked meals and the warmth of family. Home has a feeling of closeness to them. They want to be back home for holidays or special occasions.

3. Love (Ai 愛)

About 20,500 people voted for this. Love should be unconditional. It’s about trusting people, and opening your heart to loved ones.

4. Money (Qian 錢)

Nearly 10,000 voted for this. People always complain about not having enough money, and trying to make money.

5. Dream (Meng 夢)

Almost 7,000 people voted for this. Many people have dreams in life that they chase, and work toward, but not all dreams are realized.

6. Sadness (Bei 悲)

Sadness got over 1,800 votes. We feel sad when we lose relatives or friends, money, and many other things.

7. Happiness (Xi喜)

Happiness got over 5,000 votes. We’re happy because a baby was born, or we got promoted or gained recognition for something.

These are opposite words, as captured by the Chinese saying:

Never be pleased by personal gains, nor saddened by personal losses.


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