Here’s a Mesmerizing X-Ray View of Your Body During Yoga Poses

Have you ever been curious about what your skeleton looks like while you are performing yoga asanas?

Well, this X-ray simulation of the body’s skeleton during yoga postures is totally mesmerizing.

The video was created by Hybrid Medical Animation, a medical and science 3D animation studio, to show a realistic view of what your skeleton looks like during yoga asanas.

Technical challenges included achieving proper bone densities and representing actual bone marrow inside each individual bone to create this stunning view.

“We wanted to combine the beautiful moves of yoga with this new visual approach to bring the full human skeleton to life,” according to the write-up below the video.

There is something incredibly other-worldly about this video, a bit like watching some sci-fi movie, particularly with the music score.

I’m sure the next time you do your yoga asanas, you will do them with a much deeper understanding of what’s happening inside your body, not just outside. Happy yoga.

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