Is 13 Years in Jail Enough for a Man Who Tortured and Ate Tigers?

A young South Chinese tiger. (Image: J. Patrick Fischer/Wikipedia)
A young South Chinese tiger. (Image: J. Patrick Fischer/Wikipedia)

With just over 3,000 tigers thought to be left in the wild, you’d think that people around the world would do their utmost to preserve them.

But unfortunately this big cat’s rarity only seems to push up its status-boosting value in mainland China, where some communist officials and wealthy businessmen make a sport of killing them, and then eating the body parts.

A property developer surnamed Xu was recently convicted for buying and eating three tigers which he feasted on with friends. Part of the festivities was to actually kill the tigers first and film the event. Each animal was kept in a cage while being shocked with an electric baton, mostly in the mouth, until it died.

The body was then dismembered, and Xu bought flesh, bones, internal organs, and blood for his tiger parties.

State media Xinhua reported that Xu paid 440,000 yuan (about $71,000) for the cats, which are thought to have been smuggled into China. Another 14 men were sentenced along with Xu for delivering the tigers and killing them.

Police arrested Xu earlier this year after they found a video of him witnessing the first tiger’s death. They also found other animals skeletons and meat at his house, which were later identified as belonging to a cobra and giant gecko, which are also endangered.

Xu attempted to get a retrial, but his 13-year sentence was upheld, along with a 1.55 million yuan (about $250,000) penalty. The other men were jailed for terms ranging from five to six and a half years.

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