Is She the Reason Chinese Men Are Joining the Military?

China female soldier
This new recruit is causing excitement on Chinese social media. (Image: Sina)

The photos of a cute army cadet appeared on Chinese social media and quickly spread.

China pretty army recruit

Is this a military woman’s pose? (Image: Sina)

Her photos were posted after a military indoctrination ceremony for new recruits. Or, is this just a publicity scheme by the Chinese military? It may be a scheme to attract recruits into China’s military colleges and academies.

Pretty Chinese soldier with water

Our beauty queen takes a swill from a water bottle. (Image:Sina)

Just look at the way she makes love to the camera. And look at that hairstyle, too. Not sure how that would work on the battlefield. Seems more like a trained model than a trained fighter. Perhaps it’s a new military strategy to paralyze the enemy with beauty.

Here’s hoping that young, beautiful women in China don’t have to see battle.

Anyhow, her name is Joyin. And if the Chinese army gets riled up, they’ll be throwing her at you on the front lines.

Pretty soldier

Could be a scheme to fill China’s military academies. (Image: Sina)

Military training in China is compulsory for university students. Actual military service is technically compulsory for all citizens in Mainland China.

China female soldier in army gear

Playing dress up, or really preparing for service? (Image: Sina)

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