Kanye West and Paul McCartney Release ‘Only One’ for New Year’s Day

Only One
Kanye West and Paul McCartney drop 'Only One' on new year's. (Trey Songz/YouTube)

Kanye released this song shortly before the new year officially started. It’s the first of several collaborations he’s doing with Paul McCartney.

I can tell you that the voice reeking of Autotune is Kanye’s, but can’t say exactly what input the two performers divided amongst each other on this track. I can speculate that the keyboard parts are McCartney’s, along with some of the lyrics and perhaps the song structure. That’s just a guess.

Paul McCartney and Kanye West release a taste of their awaited collaboration.

Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian, talked about the meaning of the song on Facebook:

Kim Kardashian on Facebook

Kim Kardashian talked about the new song. (Screenshot: Facebook)

The song isn’t bad, and it’s quite soothing except for the Autotune. I’m still not sure why people like to lace their vocals with that warbly, thin, roboticism.

Here’s hoping they release a version minus the Autotune. Autotune was one of the worst things to happen to music. I really hope this is the last song I hear it on.

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