Protect Meditators or Get Fired: Police Chief Must Deal With Communists

If Falun Gong practitioners are assaulted again, police chief Lee De-wei will be replaced. (Screenshot/Youtube)
If Falun Gong practitioners are assaulted again, police chief Lee De-wei will be replaced. (Screenshot/Youtube)

It’s common knowledge that communists in Taiwan have been going public, threatening and even hitting anyone who gets in their way. But Dr. Ko Wen-je, the new mayor of Taipei city, is taking action, and keeping a promise he made before being elected.

While talking to the city council on Dec. 25, mayor Ko Wen-je turned to Xinyi Precinct police chief Lee De-wei, and said sternly:

If Falun Gong practitioners are assaulted AGAIN, I will replace you.


Falun Gong practitioners have visiting Taipei 101 since 2009. (Image: Epoch Times)

Falun Gong is a peaceful spiritual practice that has been persecuted in mainland China since 1999. Since 2009, Falun Gong adherents in Taiwan have been sitting outside Taipei 101, one of the world’s tallest buildings, offering mainland tourists materials exposing the Chinese Communist Party’s crimes against the practice.

The Concentric Patriotism Association has verbally abused and even used flagpoles to attack locals—Falun Gong practitioners and onlookers—at Taipei 101 many times this year, according to Epoch Times.


Plenty of evidence of violence by the Patriotism Association has been posted online. (Screenshot/YouTube)

The videos of their abuse and violence went viral online, and Taiwanese people got tired of it, hoping the police would deal with it straight away. However, Taipei police seemed to be turning a blind eye.

They were unusually restrained in handling the affair, failing to make on-the-spot arrests, or closely monitor the aggressive group even with plenty of video evidence.

Turns out that an alderman has been pressuring the Xinyi police precinct into leaving the communists alone. Dr. Ko said to Lee: “Let’s see if you’re afraid of the alderman or Ko Wen-je,” according to Epoch Times.

Bloggers made positive comments like: “This only took five seconds, but why couldn’t the ex-mayor do it? My vote was worth it!”


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