Watch Some Really Tricky Skateboard Tricks

This is just a collection of some cool skate segments. Some stuff I like. I’m sure you’ll find something you like in here, too.

From dumb tricks to crazy tricks to really fresh tricks, these are tricks of all types.

And for the video at the top, the reason that darkslide is a great trick is obvious. The side of the board you put your feet on has griptape. It’s meant to be rough so it can grip your shoes. That way you won’t slip off the board. But he slides the board across that rough tape as if it was smooth as butter. Few skaters are able to pull off such a trick.


Not many skaters could pull this off. Not many gymnasts either.

There’s nothing like an indoor skatepark and a classic rock track to really have a session.

Whether ramps or pools, put him in any kind of curved surface and watch him fly.

Can the streets of Barcelona even handle such punishment?

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