Wow, New Year’s Fireworks Look So Much Better From a Drone (Video)

For all you pyrotechnics fans out there, did you know you get a much more three-dimensional experience using a multicopter?

No doubt some drones were sacrificed in the making of this video.

This footage of the fireworks over Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong was tied in with ‘A Symphony of Lights,’ the city’s nightly display which flashes across key buildings in Kowloon and Hong Kong Island.

From this angle, the explosions totally take over, and you can’t really see the light show. You can check it out from the ground in the video below.

When you can’t see the cityscape in the background, it feels a bit like being in outer space, drifting between nebulae and intense star formation!

Be sure to change your video settings to high definition to get the full effect.


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