Is This a Megalodon Shark in the Mariana Trench?

The Megalodon shark is the largest shark that ever existed, reaching a length of over 60 feet, dwarfing the great white shark.

Scientists say Megalodon became extinct over 2 million years ago.

Yet there are indications that Megalodon may still be alive in the world’s oceans, although most scientists disagree. It needs to be pointed out that scientists have been proved wrong before about animals they thought had been extinct for millions of years that turned out not to be extinct after all. It doesn’t pay to be absolute about anything to do with the oceans, of which 95 percent are still unexplored and unknown.

Megalodon was the ultimate predator and could bite a whale, the marine animal it mainly fed on, in half with its 7-inch-long teeth and a biting force of between 20 and 40 tons.

Around the world, there are many underwater cameras in places like the Mariana Trench, around many oil rigs, and where marine science projects are being conducted. A number of these cameras have caught massive sharks that might be megalodon.

This video footage took place in the Mariana Trench. Does Megalodon still exist? Anything is possible in the world’s oceans.

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