This Is the Most ‘Shocking’ Injury You’ll Ever See at a Soccer Match

During the semifinal match at the Copa Peru soccer tournament, João Contreras Fuentes, a 21-year-old player with Sport Águila, a Peruvian soccer club, was directly struck by lightning during the match.

The moment is hit by lightening. (Screenshot/YouTube)

The moment Fuentes was hit by lightening. Poof! (Screenshot/YouTube)

It happened so fast that all you only hear a loud crack and see a big puff of smoke, as Fuentes is immediately flattened to the ground. An assistant referee was also struck by the same bolt of lightning, and can be seen staggering around before collapsing.

Initial reports were that Fuentes was killed by the strike, but fortunately, he somehow survived the blast, and both he and the referee are recovering in the hospital.

In a classic statement, Fuentes told the Peruvian newspaper Diario Correro: “It’s a miracle that I survived the impact from a lightning strike. The doctors told me that I’ve had a lot of luck.”

Maybe Fuentes should buy a lottery ticket.


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