This Was Great News Back in the Day: A Computer Too Heavy to Take Home

John Cleese Compaq Ads from 1980s. (Screenshot/YouTube)
John Cleese Compaq Ads from 1980s. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Do you remember when Compaq computers were the “State of the Art?”

Back in 1986, Compaq was paying funny man John Cleese to get their product into every office.

In the following video, John Cleese waxes lyrical about the Compaq Portable II, comparing it to an enormous fish sitting on the table in front of him.

Here’s a selection of the Monty Python star’s promotion efforts for Compaq.

This next video is sure to delight; Cleese highlights the main selling factor of a Compaq desktop model saying: “It is so heavy, nobody can possibly tell you to take it home with you.”

These videos are still funny today, and John Cleese is funny even on my map thingy in the car.

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