Cutest Bear Attack Ever. Hope He Doesn’t End Up a Circus Slave

It’s just like a little puppy, but cuter. Yes, we are all wondering where the heck the mother is, but whatever. As the Russians like to say, “In Russia, we attack the bears, not the other way around.”

Or even better:

Little does everyone know, that’s a regular sized bear, those people are just Russians.

The cub was thinking: “What’s so funny? I am going to eat you.”

We like bears.

This bear that attacked Santa was just bored, and this bear cub was shopping for a card to the surprise of the staff. What was he doing in there? Here’s a gorgeous Alaskan grizzly who eat’s a photographers camera! 

There’s this issue though… Some commenters cry foul—that this bear will only end up with a chain around it’s neck being tortured in a Russian circus. Is that a legit accusation?

Maybe. Walking tight ropes and carrying flower baskets and umbrellas, three bears started perform in the Circus on Fontanka in St. Petersberg, to name just one. See the photos here, it’s quite sad.

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