Here’s the Best Water Filter for When You Really NEED One

Many of us use water filters to clean out chlorine and even fluoride from our city water supply because we don’t like that stuff.

That’s all well and good, until you really need a water filter in a time of upheaval and can’t get replacement cartridges.

Would you drink this watr? (Image: Francisco Anzola via Compfight cc)

Would you drink this water? (Image: Francisco Anzola via Compfight cc)

Here’s a super solution—a distiller unit from Waterwise that runs on any kind of heat source.

Of course, distilled water is believed to be “dead water and not good for long-term use.

All-Power Water Distiller. (Image:

All-Power Water Distiller. (Image:

One only needs to add back in minerals and salts, orgone energy, or whatever your knowledge base dictates to have great drinking water.

This unit can produce up to 16 gallons daily.

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