Look What They’ve Done to My Favorite Gang in the New ‘The Peanuts Movie’ Trailer

Though it was hard to imagine, all the classic Peanuts Gang characters have received a 3D makeover. The new The Peanuts Movie is set for release in November.

So what will this mean for all those memories of classic Peanuts cartoons? Those were so good! Those Peanuts Thanksgiving and Christmas television specials are the stuff childhood is made of. I can still envision them, the aroma of holiday cooking in the air. They are so much a part of holiday time. Hopefully, they’ll keep the feel and spirit while they modernize the look of the characters.

And they must get the voice right for Charlie Brown’s teacher and all the other adults on the show. It was the voice everyone loved to imitate. That wobbly, muted trombone sound was genius. It illuminates exactly how authority figure adults sounded to us all as kids.

And for all you childlike adults, The Peanuts Movie is coming.

This new trailer comes after their Christmas trailer debuted earlier:

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