Meet Japan’s Lovable Music Sensation, Funassyi the Dancing Pear!

Not only is this giant dancing pear, Funassyi, a karaoke and music video hit, it’s also the mascot for Chiba, Japan’s Funabashi City. It’s a big celebrity these days. Don’t you see the way it parades through the mall and greets all of its fans in the video?

Just to warn you, Funassyi is crazy. Its energy is infectious. That is probably why so many people love it. See Funassyi talk about its upbringing here.

A fruity Japanese music celebrity that I’d love to bring to the U.S.

The first song reached number 8 on Japanese music charts, which is best ever by a mascot. After two singles, the album, Spurting Pear Juice, reached number 4. Funassyi is multi-talented and does songs in many styles. See it really rock out for its first hit, released in 2013.

So what’s so likable about a pear named Funassyi? The dance moves, of course! See for yourself. Then dance along like a big, bouncy, androgynous fruit-person. I love you Funassyi!

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