Newborn Baby Found in a Pool of Blood on the Sidewalk (Disturbing Photos)

    Liaoyuan City in Jilin Province. (Image: baby still had its umbilical cord. (Image: baby was probably murdered by her mother. (Image:

    What a tragic and shocking scene to start the day on the way to work!

    Early on Jan. 3, passers-by in Liaoyuan, Jilin Province, came across a dead baby lying in the street on a cold morning.

    The newborn girl still had an umbilical cord, and was totally naked. Nearby was a 17-story block of flats. It is believed the baby’s mother threw her from one of the upper-story apartments, and she died on impact, according to the Morning Post.

    Weibo bloggers felt sorry for this the little one, and criticized this atrocious act.

    User “Jiayin” said:

    At least you could’ve sent her to an orphanage. Is it any necessary to kill a helpless baby?

    User “Bo” said:

    The killer should be sentenced for intentional homicide.

    The mother may have been a teenager suffering from mental illness. Residents said they had not seen a pregnant woman living there.

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