Still Living on Earth? Find Out What You’ve Been Missing

The Pillars of Creation
The Pillars of Creation burst through the infinite expanse of space. (Image: NASA)

This is what you’ve been missing, wasting your time on Earth, not exploring the reaches of space.

NASA just release these images of the Pillars of Creation. These Ominous columns reach through space like claws. Some say elephant trunks. They are composed of dust and gas. They reside within an open cluster of stars known as the Eagle Nebula.

Pillars of Creation infrared

An infrared view of the pillars. (Image: NASA)

These aren’t the first photographs of this wonder of the universe. The first one’s were taken 20 years ago. What makes this different is the new photographic technology. The Hubble Space Telescope was upgraded in 2009 with the latest photo tech. That is why these just released images appear so spectacular.

Pillars of Creation old and new views

On the left is the recent image, on the right is the image from 20 years before. Nothing has changed but the detail. (Image: NASA)

So now you want to take a trip to outer space and get your own photographs? Not sure if you can take a selfie out there. But buckle up in your space vehicle of choice. It’s a 65,000 light year trip.

Pillars of Creation visible light

Can somebody get me the map? I want to see a supernatural wonder up close. (Image: NASA)

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