Air Stewardess Verbally Abused: ‘Don’t Call Me Sir, I Am the Emperor’

A Chinese man claiming to be the "Emperor" made a scene on a flight on Jan. 3. (Image: KanZhongGuo)
A Chinese man claiming to be the "Emperor" made a scene on a flight on Jan. 3. (Image: KanZhongGuo)

It’s not easy being a flight attendant these days as more and more passengers are behaving badly.

After two recent incidents involving Chinese passengers when the emergency exit was opened for “fresh air,” and a stewardess was scalded with boiling hot noodle water,

here comes someone demanding to be addressed in an “imperial” way.

A man who claimed to be the “Emperor” made a scene on a flight from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport to Beijing Capital Airport on Jan. 3.

Shortly after take-off, a noise came from the back—a man in his 40s and all dressed in black was raising his voice. When a flight attendant went over and called him “Sir,” he hit the roof, shouting: “Don’t call me ‘Sir,’ I am the Emperor.”

Then he took off his shoes and socks, stepped on the seat, and started going through the baggage compartments.

A passenger said: “Apparently the man wanted to change seats with someone nearby, but was rejected and then they started arguing,” according to KanZhongGuo.

Onlookers didn’t mind at first but eventually got upset. Another passenger added: “I was quite afraid. Some passengers even thought he was going to hijack the plane.”

When several crew members came over, the man asked to move from economy to first class. To avoid any possible harm, they agreed to the change, but he remained aggressive, and even got physical with the staff, frightening a girl nearby to tears.

The plane landed 20 minutes ahead of schedule. Four police officers came on board, and took the man to the police station.

After a primary diagnosis, he was found to have an intermittent mental disorder. Perhaps the episode with the seats triggered an episode. He was sent to a mental hospital in Changping District for treatment.

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