How to Get Rid of a Cold Quickly in 5 steps

A ginger root/brown sugar drink helps overcome colds. (Image: I bake he shoots via Compfight cc)
A ginger root/brown sugar drink helps overcome colds. (Image: I bake he shoots via Compfight cc)

In Chinese medicine, there are different patterns of disharmony within the body, two of which are hot and cold. How can you get rid of a cold quickly in a natural way? Here are some tips:

1. Get rid of the toxins

You need to drink a lot of warm water. This is the best way to remove the toxins from your body, and if you have a fever, this is also the best way to reduce your temperature. As soon as you begin to sweat, your body temperature can quickly go down to normal. You will go to the bathroom many times, but this is good for you.

If your throat hurts, you can add some salt to the water. This will relieve the pain. When I was young and had mouth sores, my mom used to tell me to drink water and salt. Drinking a mixture of natural salt and water is nothing new; it has been used as a remedy around the globe for centuries. Consuming water with natural salt allows the body to absorb and use the water you are taking in. To make it, put salt in water and check in 24 hours to see if all the salt crystals are dissolved, and add a little more salt until the salt doesn’t dissolve any longer.

2. Chase away the coldness

When you have a cold, you need to check the temperature of your hands and feet. If your core body has a fever, but your hands and feet are still cool, it means that you still have a lot of coldness in your body.  To eradicate coldness from your body, you have to boil a few slices of ginger root and a spoon of brown sugar, or you can also boil green onions in water. These infusions help the body sweat and balance the yin and yang.

When you have coughs, add a few cloves of garlic in the ginger root/brown sugar drink—this will help stop the coughing.

3. Body pain

If your body muscles are sore from the cold, it means that your body is cold and damp. Make sure you put more ginger root in when you make the ginger root/brown sugar water, perhaps 6-8 slices, and this will do the trick.

4. Check your tongue

If it is white, drink more ginger root/brown sugar water and more warm water. Also, try to eat light food. You can eat eggs, meat, and mild vegetables. Don’t eat fish or shrimp.

5. Enjoy a good rest

During the first days that you have cold symptoms, you are contagious. This means you can pass the cold on to others, so stay home and get some much-needed rest. After drinking a few cups of the recommended drinks, put your feet in hot water until you sweat, go to bed early, and have a nice rest.

With these tips, your body will recover in no time.


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