Money Talks! Guy in a Coma Gets Woken Up by a 100 Yuan Bill

A 100-yuan note woke up a Chinese man who had been in a 200-day coma. (Image:
A 100-yuan note woke up a Chinese man who had been in a 200-day coma. (Image:

A Chinese man called Li was revived from being unconscious for months in a most unusual way.

In 2013, Li suddenly collapsed and fell into a coma when he was playing online games at an Internet cafe in Shenzhen. He was taken to hospital and diagnosed with a severe cerebral hemorrhage. Although Li survived, he remained in a vegetative state.

Earlier this year, after being in a coma for almost 200 days, nurses noticed that Li was starting to show slight reactions to his environment, like scratching his hair. He was even able to open his eyes, even though he was still unconscious. 

Miracles often happen unexpectedly. Following the discovery that Li’s eyes tracked the movement of the doctor’s fingers, a nurse came up with an interesting idea. She took out a 100 yuan bill (about $16) and waved it in front of Li. A family member near him said loudly:

Catch it, and the money will be yours!

Guess what? To the great surprise of all the medical staff, Li held up a trembling hand toward the 100 yuan note. Although he took five minutes to actually take hold the money, the action meant that he had finally woken up.

Ms. Zhang, Li’s mother, told reporters at South City this his ability to move his arms was still not very good. Now, his family often uses the money to help him to strengthen his arms, and Li can catch it every time.

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