The Cool Kids You Knew Back Then Are More Likely to Fail in Life

Growing up an awkward kid has its rewards. It makes sense that some people take longer develop, then peak and reach success after school is just a memory. The struggles of the past can pay off in the future, if you don’t give up hope.

We all knew those guys and girls in school. Pretty, handsome, charismatic. With money, nice clothes, or a nice car. They were born confident. But who knew how fake it all was? And who knew how quickly that could turn around once away from the school environment?

Plucked out of a comfortable social environment, people lose what made them cool.

Nerdy Kid

Awkward kids need not lose hope. (DNews/YouTube)

I don’t know if I was uncool, at least not from my perspective. But I definitely didn’t fit into the cliches and groups and crowds the way others did. But I wasn’t totally an outsider, either.

I had a perspective on things and a way of expressing myself that led to a lot of awkward moments around family and friends. Maybe it still does. But that’s okay. I just have my own way of doing things. It is what it is, I suppose.



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