Why Does a Large Python Latch Onto This Man’s Face?

Many people have a genuine fear of snakes. I’m sure those people will really squirm as they watch this video.

Introduced Burmese pythons have become a big problem in Florida. These snakes are large, very aggressive, and voracious feeders.

Florida snake handler Steve Masek captures and tries to control one of these large snakes, but it manages to strike out and latch onto his nose, refusing to let go. This is actually quite dangerous. Burmese pythons are large and they’re constrictors, which can be a deadly combination.

Masek finally pries the snake off his nose, but his fingers are still in the snake’s mouth. Masek’s wife comes to his aid to help get the snake off his hands, and finally is able to do so by pouring cold cranberry juice down it’s throat.

Even snake experts can have accidents.

Many years ago, I raised snakes and lizards, including rattlesnakes, so I can totally relate to this story, having been bitten several times by non-venomous snakes and lizards.

It’s all in a days work! I’m sure this won’t be the last time Masek has an issue with a snake he’s trying to handle.


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