91-Year-Old Grandmother Warns Gunman: ‘I’m Going to Heaven, You’re Going to Hell’ (Video)

A 91-year-old great grandmother woke up early Saturday morning to an intruder holding a gun to her head.

The woman has asked to remain anonymous for privacy reasons but she told local news outlets that the gunman told her to: “Stay put I’m not through with you.”

He also threatened to “shoot her brains out”.

The victim is missing several hundred dollars in cash due to the robbery but she left the crook with some biblical wisdom.

She told him to think about the consequences if he followed through on his threat: “I said ‘you do know where you’d go?’ I said: ‘I’d be in a better place, I’m going to heaven’. And I said: ‘You’re going to hell’.”

“I said ‘you’d better think about that. Would you want that to happen?’ He didn’t say a word.”

The victim has bible verses and religious pictures all over her home. Her faith helps her forgive and it may have also saved her life.

After she told him about the principle of good is rewarded with good and evil is rewarded with evil he, “turned around and he stared at the wall and then all at once, he turned on his heels, walked back out in that hallway.”

Police do not have much to go on as the suspect was dressed in all black.

One thing remains clear though the woman scared a man with a gun with a simple spiritual truth.

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