Graffiti Grandpa: Traditional Chinese Painting Comes to Life on Car Window

    Three ancient beauties are playing the traditional musical instruments—bamboo flute and pipa—in a garden. (Image: Shaw painting another work with Chinese calligraphy. (Image: Huaxi City News)Grandpa's graffiti on the dusty minibus window. (Image: Huaxi City News)Grandpa Shaw painting on the dusty window of another van. (Image: Huaxi City News)Looks like a love story. An ancient scholar meets a beautiful lady. (Image: Huaxi City News)A Chinese lady looking at plum blossoms in the courtyard. (Image: Huaxi City News)

    Minibuses are the most common vehicle in China, and you can see them on every street.

    Recently, a blogger saw this special view on the dirty rear window of a minibus in Chengdu, Sichuan Province.

    A closer look revealed that a talented Mr. Unknown had drawn a traditional painting of ancient Chinese ladies in the dust. The blogger was amazed, and posted the picture online.

    The exquisite hand-drawn image went viral, and many wanted to know who the mysterious painter was. Finally, a reporter from Huaxi City News found him: It was a 67-year-old man called Shaw Xiangzhong.

    Now dubbed the “graffiti grandpa,” Shaw used to teach Chinese at school. Painting is his new hobby since he retired. He said usually no one noticed after he finished a painting on the street, and he didn’t expect so much attention after the pictures got shared online.

    A Weibo user commented:

    With inner sunshine, there is joy everywhere in life.

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