Amazing Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphs Found in Australia

Gosford Hieroglyphs. (Screenshot/YouTube)
Gosford Hieroglyphs. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Reports of the Glyphs go back to around 1900.

Known as The Gosford Glyphs, they’re located in near Kariong, where the closest town of any size is Gosford.

Gosford is 40 something miles from the city of Sydney in the state of New South Wales.


Gosford Glyphs. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Gosford Glyphs. (Screenshot/YouTube)

The “Glyphs” represent some 300 ancient hieroglyphs and “grammatical” variations that had never been documented prior to 2012.

The videos document this exciting find that can only mean an Egyptian presence in Australia dating back at least 2,500 years.


Watch as this expert team works with the aboriginal elders entrusted with the knowledge and responsibility to maintain the integrity of the site and its significance to the original people of Australia.

Translating the Gosford Glyphs

Part I:

We introduce you to The Gosford Glyphs found in Kariong, New South Wales, and we address the question of whether ancient Egyptians had the capability of traveling to Australia.

Part II:
We speak about the authenticity of the Glyphs and how we deciphered them utilizing well-known hieroglyphic texts and other resources.

Part III:
We discuss who wrote these ancient symbols and the message they were delivering on the sandstone blocks, pointing to a possible long-term connection between these two ancient civilizations.

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For a bio on the expert hieroglyphic team of  researchers, see “Khemit School.”

By Patricia Awyan

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