This Is How People Are Crossing the Street After the Shanghai Stampede

Local authorities have imposed a “switch-mode” on roads in Shanghai, following the New Year’s tragedy in which 36 people were crushed to death, and nearly 40 others injured.

In this video, we see police standing side by side, forming a “human wall.” They are parallel with the road, blocking passengers from moving while the light is red, and then changing formation to let passengers to go when the light turns green.

This approach was actually first introduced by Shanghai Huangpu Public Security for the 11th longest holiday in 2013, according to NTDTV.

One blogger joked: “Chinese-style police cracked the problem of Chinese-style street crossing using a Chinese-style method in a Chinese-style golden week.”

Another said: “Instead of using a ‘human switch,’ why not try to install switches of rules and moral values in people’s consciousness?”

A third sighed:

Over-correction, another feature of mainland China.

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