What Do Everyday Objects Dancing On Sound Look Like?

Everything vibrates to a certain frequency. If you put different substances on a speaker, they will react in different ways.

This video shows how a number of different everyday substances, such as Cheerios in milk, Coke, ketchup, vegetable oil, Purell gel, paint, talcum powder, M&Ms, colored sprinkles, a raw egg, and water react to the sound vibrations from a speaker.

Here’s what these substances look like as they react to the vibrations from the speakers.

Cheerios in milk

Screenshot 2015-01-12 11.11.35_cheerios

Have you ever seen Cheerios and milk dance? (Screenshot/YouTube)


Screenshot 2015-01-12 10.43.24_coke

Talk about fizz in your Coke. (Screenshot/YouTube)


Screenshot 2015-01-12 10.46.41_ketchup

This ketchup looks like a living entity. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Vegetable oil

Screenshot 2015-01-12 10.55.46_veg oil

This oil is going for the pole vault record. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Purcell gel

Screenshot 2015-01-12 10.34.02_gel

This gel has made a real splash. (Screenshot/YouTube)


Screenshot 2015-01-12 11.13.47_paint

Modern art extraordinaire. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Talcum powder

Screenshot 2015-01-12 11.21.56_powder

Can you see faces in this talcum powder pattern? (Screenshot/YouTube)


Screenshot 2015-01-12 11.03.46_M&Ms

These M&Ms are practicing their trampoline act. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Colored sprinkles

Screenshot 2015-01-12 10.53.29_colored sprinkles

These sprinkles sprinkle themselves. (Screenshot/YouTube)

Raw egg

Screenshot 2015-01-12 11.09.33_egg

Is this some kind of alien life form? (Screenshot/YouTube)


It looks like this is all about “Good, good, good, good vibrations.” Anyway, although the effects are stunning, I’d say the speakers were pretty well trashed making this video.






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