Is This a Suit of Armor or Does This Man Just Really Love Technology?

The man with his homemade iPhone suit at Futian Port. (Image:
The man with his homemade iPhone suit at Futian Port. (Image:

When customs officers saw a male passenger with a “weird walking posture, joint stiffness, and muscle tension,” they got suspicious. A startling discovery followed…

The incident happened at the immigration hall of Futian Port on Jan. 11 when a man in a black tracksuit was stopped by customs officers, according to Sina News.

His hand baggage was very basic—just two plastic shopping bags—and nothing suspicious was found in them.

But when he was made to walk through a metal detector, he set off the alarm in great style:

Turns out 94 iPhones were strapped to his body; all over his chest, abdomen, and thighs.

The result looked liked a suit of armor, complete with codpiece, made out of almost 100 iPhones and several rolls of plastic wrap.

Well, at least he’s more comfortable now he doesn’t have all those heavy devices taped to his body!

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