Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Trust North Korea When it Comes to Nuclear Weapons

North Korea promised last week to halt its nuclear program if the United States agreed to call off its annual military drill with South Korea.

The statement has many experts wondering if this promise can even be believed given North Korea’s history of broken nuclear promises.

North Korea regularly condemns the annual military drill that the US performs with South Korea. Last year, North Korea launched two Scud missiles into the sea days before a navy exercise between the two allies.

During the same time period, North Korea attempted  to scare Western powers, as Kim Jung Un had warned at that time that:

“The moment of explosion is approaching fast.”

Far from deterred by these threats, the United States countered by moving long range missile systems to Guam, where they have to capacity to counter any North Korean attacks in the Asia Pacific region. They also continued going forward with the scheduled  military exercises with South Korea.

Taking a detailed look back even further, it becomes clear that North Korean’s communist regime is far from trustworthy when it comes to nuclear promises.

In 1985, North Korea agreed to stay away from nuclear development, when it signed the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons. In 2003, North Korea became the first and only country to ever withdraw from that treaty. The withdrawal of North Korea birthed what came to be known as The Six Party Talks.

The Six Party Talks were aimed at ending North Korea’s nuclear program through negotiations between the US, China, Japan, Russia, as well as North and South Korea.

In 2007, North Korea agreed to shut down one of it’s nuclear facilities in exchange for fuel. The following year, North Korea dismantled a cooling tower, but talks fell apart in 2009 when North Korea continued their nuclear program.

All of this information begs the question when it comes to nuclear promises, can North Korea ever be trusted?

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