I Don’t Mean to, but I Just Can’t Help Sticking Out My Tongue at You

Following the superstar pets Grumpy Cat and Surprised Cat, the trend continues through 2015 as dogs are catching up to speed!

Marnie, a 12-year-old Shih Tzu rescued in Connecticut in 2012, has a perpetually lolling tongue that hangs out of her mouth most of the time.

Together with a tilted head, and a tail that goes to the left when wagged, she is one lopsidedly cute little doggie.

These features are actually from an illness Marnie had in her early years, but happen to make her look like a canine version of the “: P” emoticon, like she’s perpetually making a joke, fooling around, or asking a silly question.

That’s why Marnie has become a big online hit, with almost a million followers on Facebook and Instagram.

Her latest viral picture was the one below in a Christmas suit, wishing everyone a Merry Christmas.

Internet users never grow tired of cute animals, but strange and unique-looking ones seem to be getting more popular.

If 2014 was the Year of the Cat, 2015 will probably become the Year of the Dog!


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