Wild Elephant Goes on Mating Rampage, Destroying Cars in Thailand

    Mating season leaves this elephant feeling mad. (ODN, Youtube)He stands right on top of the hood, crushing the car and wheels into the road. (ODN, Youtube)After walking across the hood, he turns around to see his work. Luckily the tourists inside were unhurt. (ODN, Youtube)Getting ready to sit-crush a car with a Thai family in it. (ODN, Youtube)Sitting down...(ODN, Youtube)The cars carefully edge backwards as the young elephant follows them up the road. (ODN, Youtube)

    Poor guy. Poor tourists. This young male elephant was sitting on cars, stomping them, and generally terrorizing tourists passing through a national park in Thailand.

    Officials at the park say there are actually around 300 elephants roaming at this time of year…because it’s mating season, reported ODN.

    Some of you may be wondering—is the elephant trying to mate the cars? No. He’s just mad. Males apparently get aggressive when they can’t find a mate. And, experts say sexually mature males are forced out of their tight night family groups to avoid inbreeding, and that may have added to this one’s stress.

    Since the incident, traffic traveling through the Khao Yai National Park near Bankok has been restricted. There was another incident of an elephant attacking cars on New Years Day, and one recently smashed a shop window in the park.

    Here’s the video.

    This young male elephant was sitting on cars, stomping them, and scaring tourists in a national park in Thailand.

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