WOW, Inuit Women’s Throat Singing Game, You’ve Never Heard Anything Like It

It started out in the old days as a singing game for Inuit women and girls, living in northern Canada and Alaska. With one leading and one following, whoever laughs first, or can’t keep up is out. Only, they’re throat singing.

Throat singing is difficult trick done with the vocal chords where you can learn to sing two of more tones at once. Check out the unique rhythmic, chant like songs they produce, it’s really fascinating.

“The resurgence of a once-dying Inuit tradition called katajjaq is currently under way in Canada. Inuit throat singing was a form of entertainment among Inuit women while the men were away on hunting trips,” according to Wikipedia.

They say you strengthen your spiritual bond with your partner, and then you last longer in the game.


This is Janet Aglukkaq and Kathy Keknek throat singing between their classes at Qiqirtaq Ilihakvik in Gjoa Haven, Nunavut—a large area of northern Canada made up of islands.

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