Shocking CCTV Footage of Daycare Teacher Slapping 4-Year-Old Girl

A South Korean childcare center is being investigated after a 4-year-old girl was seen on CCTV footage being assaulted by an employee.

This employee worked at a daycare center in Incheon, South Korea. She apparently lost her temper because the child wouldn’t eat her kimchi.

Other children can be seen watching on as the girl is slapped so hard she is knocked off her feet.

This is child abuse of the worst magnitude.

The incident has caused outrage in South Korea, and many people have called for the woman to be jailed.

The parents of the girl were also reportedly outraged after seeing the footage, which was aired on KBS News.

Child abuse and spousal abuse have become major societal issues worldwide. Neither can ever be tolerated.

Please note that the images in this video might be distressing to some viewers.

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