George Lopez Redeems Latino Underdog Youth in ‘Spare Parts’

George Lopez has been the most prominent and vocal force for a larger Latino presence in television and film. And now, Spare Parts. This isn’t the average George Lopez dumb ass comedy collection of loose jokes, this is a movie retelling of a true story. That story can inspire anyone, immigrant and non-immigrant alike.

The story is about 4 Mexican immigrant youth at the worst high school in Phoenix. Though they lack resources and funds, they conquer big dog MIT and win first place in a robotics competition. 3 of the 4 are undocumented immigrants. One of them actually got deported, only to come back and finally gain citizenship. Further testament to the power of underdogs.

Every underdog has its day.

Though George Lopez is still trying hard to get more Latino stories on screen, a movie like this is likely to do more than that. As long as the acting, directing, and script are all tight, this story couldn’t help but be inspiring to Americans of all sorts, immigrants and non-immigrants, and to anyone who’s had to persevere and break through impossibilities.

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