Incredible Paper Mache Dragon Artist Turns Children’s Hobby Into Fine Art

I have never seen paper mache projects like this. Who has? This is so different. Paper mache was never something we gave any respect. It was a disposable artistic tool to keep us kids occupied. If not for this guy, I’d never believe you could achieve so much with it.

I know that when we were all kids we used to do those Plaster of Paris and paper mache projects. I never knew what those words meant nor what we were trying to create. Often it came out as some type of funny mask.

At least that’s what we did where I went to school, in New York City. We would do projects and get wet and messy with fresh paper mache. Then we’d let the project dry and take shape, and hope it didn’t crack.

When given the same tools, some make a mess, and others make art.

Or there would be those things that we’d hit at parties. Someone would hang a paper mache pony or horse of some sort that was filled with candy. We’d take turns trying to break it open with a stick as it hung overhead. Sometimes we’d be blindfolded. Yes, I know that is the Mexican tradition of the piñata, but that was the main activity we’d look forward to at childhood birthday parties. After someone swung and broke it open, we’d lose our minds and trample each other to collect as much candy as possible. We would have been better off doing art.


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