Kids Brought to Tears Over Heartbreaking Story of a Mother’s Love

In any family, it’s usually the mother who provides the emotional support.

For former professional boxer and wrestler Marc Mero, it was his mother who was his rock of support, but she passed away early in his life when he was wrestling on the other side of the world in Japan.

Mero went on to achieve incredible success in sports and entertainment because of her, reaching the top of the professional wrestling industry as a former WCW and WWE Champion.

But today, Mero gives motivational talks to high school students, encouraging the students to make the proper choices in their lives about family, drugs, and alcohol.

He often shares the pain of his mother’s death with audiences, regretting that he often didn’t take time to even talk with the one person who always supported him.

Mero got into alcohol and drugs, and nearly died three times, but believes he was kept here for a reason.

Mero tells the students: “You see, it’s not what’s in your pocket that matters, it’s what’s in your heart that truly matters.”

Today, Mero defines success very differently—if he can change one life for the better each day, week, or year, he believes this surpasses any previous goals he ever achieved.

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