Parents Prepare to Each Donate a Kidney to their Sick Children

Lee Kai and his parents in the hospital room waiting for the operation on Jan. 6. (Image:
Lee Kai and his parents in the hospital room waiting for the operation on Jan. 6. (Image:

It’s a blessing in disguise. This family is in a very difficult situation, but the parents’ unconditional love could solve everything.

As he watched her leave the room, Lee Kai and his mom were preparing to be taken to the operating theater at a hospital in Beijing.

Lee Kai, 16, and his sister Lee Min, 26, were found to have uremia in 2010 and 2012 respectively, and the sister’s condition was already severe when diagnosed.

The parents made painstaking efforts to take care of them. In August 2012, their dad Lee Qingzhong even built a mini dialysis room (less than 22 square feet in size) at home.

He did peritoneal dialysis for his son three times a day, while the daughter required hemodialysis in hospital twice a week. However, the doctor said this was just a temporary solution, and they would both still need a kidney transplant.

Kai’s condition worsened in the fall of 2014—he had edema all over the body, and difficulty urinating. He wouldn’t even dare drink water, and his blood pressure sometimes went over 200 mmHg.

Lee Qingzhong and his wife were heartbroken seeing their children suffering, so last August they decided to find out if they could act as donors.


The parents decided to each donate a kidney to their children. (Image:

The results showed that they were a match, and the family began to feel hope again.

The mom matched the son, while the father matched the daughter.

The first operation on Jan. 14 for mom and son was successful, and the one for the dad and daughter will be arranged soon, according to Sina News.

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