Traffic Officer in Peru Crosses Busy Highway to Rescue Frightened Puppy

Somehow, a puppy was able to get across all five lanes of traffic to the central reservation on the busy Panamericana Sur highway in Lima, Peru.

Seeing that the frightened puppy couldn’t get back across the highway, officer Juan Manuel Iman Zena, 34, slowly walked across all five lanes stopping traffic along the way until he was able to grab the puppy and carry it back across the highway.

VID: Hero Cop Saves Terrified Puppy from Five Lane Motorway

Officer Juan Zena rescuing frightened puppy from busy highway in Lima, Peru. (Screenshot/YouTube)

According to The Daily Mail, Zena said: “I could see that there was no way the young dog was going to make it back and it’s amazing he even managed to get the central reservation in the first place. I knew it was about to be hit at any moment, and was worried that if a car tried to swerve it might cause an accident.”

According to the Mail, Zeta humbly said: “I was only doing my job.”

After finding a phone number on the puppy’s collar, it was reunited with its owner.

Zena in the meantime has become an Internet hero.


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