Why Was Taiwan Voted Best Overseas Destination by Mainland Chinese?

Taiwan was voted the best overseas destination for 2014 by Chinese bloggers. (Image: Epoch Times)
Taiwan was voted the best overseas destination for 2014 by Chinese bloggers. (Image: Epoch Times)

What’s the connection that closely links mainland Chinese and Taiwanese, despite political conflicts between the governments?

Ctrip.com, the largest online travel agency in China, just released its best destination list for 2014. And Taiwan won under the following four categories:

  • Best overseas tourism destination
  • Best family trip destination
  • Best shopping destination
  • Favorite destination for Generation Y

The agency’s survey had the largest participation ever, including over 50 million reviews, and votes by more than 360 million bloggers.

Mainlanders praised Taiwan for being friendly, with traditional Chinese virtues retained and practiced there. So it’s a great place to take kids.

Hong Zhiguang, TSTA Shanghai office leader, said: “Taiwan’s orderly, polite, respectful, humble, and social atmosphere has become a living textbook for children from mainland China.”

But there’s another reason why Chinese people like visiting Taiwan: It’s because of theirĀ longing for democracy.

Last year, during the 9-in-1 local government elections in Taiwan, a Chinese media producedĀ an “election onlookers guide,” recommending tourists experience and enjoy the “election show.”

Mainland people said they had been watching, and were concerned about the elections in Taiwan. They thought the democratic approach was worth learning from, according to Epoch Times.

Will there be democracy in mainland China where so many people wish for it?

I’m looking forward to seeing that happen someday.

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