Watch Out, Grandma’s About… How to Kill the Cool Kids’ Style (Funny Photos)

    Left: I'm the big-eyed little princess. Right: I'm the poor maid covered in tears. (Image: Blue Jean beauty. Right: A countryside girl eating potatoes. (Image: A smart kid wearing sunglasses. Right: The smart kid's dumb brother. (Image: Little Sherlock in a cute red hat. Right: Two pony-tailed girl pretending to be a duck. (Image: Cute boyfriend. Right: Lazy husband at home after getting married. (Image: A cool kid with a new iPhone. Bottom: A village girl and her cookie. (Image:

    A Chinese woman who lost her eyesight for three days asked her mother-in-law to take care of her little girl while she was recovering.

    But when she could finally see again, she cried: “Where’s my daughter?”

    Well, she was still home, but grandma had dressed her so differently that the mother could hardly recognize her.

    She showed grandma the photos of the girl taken before and after the three days, and the old lady thought it was hilarious.

    So she shared the pictures on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter. Turns out many other young mothers had the same experience, and they also posted before and after photos of their kids who had been “taken care of” by grandma.

    These funny photos got forwarded over 15,000 times, and received about 5,500 comments. Bloggers joked that grandma is the fashion killer of all grandkids.

    One said: “Grandmas are most concerned about whether the child is warm and comfortable. They don’t care that much about whether they look stylish.”

    Another wrote:

    I believe that’s mainly because grandma doesn’t know how to use Photoshop, haha!

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