Have You Heard of This K-Pop Duo? (Videos)

Davichi is a pop-ballad duo made up of Lee Hae-Ri and Kang Min-Kyung.

The girl’s band name means star shining over the world, just like their beautiful songs.

Davichi‘s main appeal is their voice quality, rather than their image, and they have received a lot of praise from some big K-pop artists.

They debuted in 2008, and didn’t get much attention at first. But people soon noticed their talent, and they became a big hit.

After a long wait, finally fans are happy because the much-anticipated track list for their upcoming mini album “Davichi Hug” will be released on Jan. 21:

  1. Two Women’s Room (lyrics by Kang Min-Kyung and Lee Hae-Ri)
  2. Cry Again
  3. Sorry, I’m Happy
  4. To You (composition and lyrics by Lee Hae-Ri)
  5. Spring (composition and lyrics by Kang Min-Kyung)

Some comments from fans:

LilT2o00: “Is there any way to buy this digitally in America? Import fees are just too much on shipping, but I’d really like to support the group.”

justwinthere: “I missed them so much! I’m so happy that they are back with a freaking album!”

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite songs from a great Korean drama “It’s Ok, It’s Love.” Let me know if you like it too.

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