33 Corruption Cartoons of Chinese Officials Cause Controversy (Photos)

    Officials fly overseas in the name of A financial officer prepares to reimburse fake, altered, and duplicated invoices. (Image: 163.com)An official asks his rice bowl why it's leaving. It replies: Two people are kneeling down. The one above waits for money, thinking: An official asking for more Chinese yuan or bullets receives them from a cannon named

    Over 30 murals painted on walls at a construction site in the city of Changsha have upset authorities in Hunan Province.

    The images depict the massive problem of corruption in the Chinese Communist Party which President Xi Jinping is meant to be targeting with his highly publicized anti-graft campaign.

    One of the cartoons shows several cadres on a magic carpet bearing the words: “Public funds.”

    In another, a financial officer sits at a U-shaped table with piles of false, altered, or duplicated invoices for reimbursement next to the words:

    Corruption decays; it harms the country, and the family.

    Local law enforcement officers or chengguan are keen to whitewash the caricatures because they are “excessively ironic,” and full of “negative energy,” according to Aboluowang.

    The media quoted a blogger as saying: “The corrupted officials in the cartoons look too much like the chengguan’s supervisors. That’s why they have to erase them!”

    Other netizens made comments via NetEase. One said: “Positive energy means that if they do something good, you must flatter them; if they do something wrong, you must be tolerant! If you have to speak out, that’s negative energy!”

    Another wrote: “The cartoons are actually really good, and can warn people. Those who want to erase them can see themselves in the cartoons.”

    State media Global Times then published a piece saying that the images will be edited, rather than removed.

    An official surnamed Liang claimed the chengguan will “improve” them: “For example, we will add captions to convey a clearer message. This is necessary because the drawings could create a negative impact and might encourage others to do the same thing.”

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