How These Robots Learn Cooking: By Watching YouTube

Judging by the proliferation of cooking shows on TV, not to mention popular magazines with comprehensive cooking segments, we humans have an inordinate interest in food. Back in the day, women were the custodians of the kitchen and took on the responsibility of feeding the family.

Daughters learnt the fine art of cooking from mum. (Image: Google)

Daughters learned the fine art of cooking from mom. (Image: Google)

They got their knowledge from their mothers, and there was probably not a lot of innovative, inspired cooking going on. Well, at least not in the way we look at it today.

First course is being served. (Image: Google)

First course is being served.
(Image: Google)



The supply of ingredients was generally confined to what was in season at any given time.


Their art was in creating something from nothing.


In contrast today, every imaginable gadget, cooking method, and ingredient is all around us.


All we need do is learn how to combine what’s required for a dish, and follow the instructions laid out in our favorite media.


Guess what? Computer scientist Yiannis Aloimonos from University of Maryland is developing robotic systems that are able to visually recognize objects and generate new behavior based on the observations. He says:

 Robots will be able to watch YouTube videos and learn how to prepare and cook any dish.

My guess is that all the kitchen equipment will be designed for efficient use by robots, not humans.

Robot prepares meal. (Image: Google)

Robot preparing a meal. (Image: Google)

Ingredients will probably be forced or genetically engineered to suit efficient clinical preparation by such robots. Cooking methods and apparatus will also conform to the whims of robot designers.

Well, there goes the art and fun of cooking.

Source: smarttechtoday

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